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Embellished WaxWax Cotton Satin Wax✨

    Embellished WaxWax Cotton Satin Wax✨


      Double the prints, double the beauty. WaxWax is one fabric with different prints on each side. Made with Vlisco’s special printing process, both the front and back of the WaxWax cloth are printed with a unique design in liquid wax. A base dye such as indigo soaks into the cloth around the wax, leaving behind a deep, intense colour. The wax is removed, revealing a half-tone image where the rich print pattern shines through to its opposite complimentary side. With WaxWax, you can create a versatile, two-print look out of just one piece.

      Perfect for flowing tops, skirts and dresses with maximum draping.

      • Guaranteed Real Dutch Wax Block Print
      • Lustrous finish
      • Cotton satin: soft touch, natural shine
      • 100% premium quality cotton, satin weave, 140 gr/m²
      • Copper embellishment applied on one side for extra shimmer
      • Gold embellishment applied on one side for extra shimmer
      • Standard fabric width is 120 cm (48”) per yard.
      • 6yards Block
      • Embellished✨✨
      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester


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