"Quality is remembered long after Price is forgotten"

"Quality is remembered long after Price is forgotten"

Grand Super Wax Cotton Satin Glitter

    Grand Super Wax Cotton Satin Glitter


      Grand Super Wax-A more exclusive version of Super-Wax, rich in colours and bubbling, and printed with a gloss finish. The most defining (and beloved) feature of a Super-Wax is its duo-colour “bubbling” print effect. Grand Super-Wax is a luxurious twist on the original, using Vlisco cotton satin. Grand Super-Wax is made using a highly-unique wax printing technique unlike any other in the world: every piece is created with an unequalled and extraordinary level of care and precision. First, a design in liquid wax is printed on cotton satin. A base dye such as indigo soaks into the cloth around the wax, leaving behind a deep, intense colour. The magic of the ‘wax-breaking’ during the printing process results in a large, irregular pattern of vein-like bubbles throughout the design.

      *Guaranteed Real Dutch Wax

      *100% cotton / 120 gr/m²

      *The photo shown is 91,4 (36") x 120 cm (48") (1 yard piece)

      *The width of the fabric is 120 cm (48")

      *Vlisco Limited Edition Grand Super Glitter Wax

      *Trending Vlisco Wax

      *6yards block.

      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester


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