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Stunning Fine Swiss Lace-Premium Soft Cotton Voile

    Stunning Fine Swiss Lace-Premium Soft Cotton Voile

    $350.00 $420.00
      • Exquisite Fabrics-usa is proud to present the finest & highest quality of Premium Soft Cotton Swiss Lace Fabrics in the Market. Swiss lace is a mixture of exquisite material and intricate patterns and designs using sequins, stones/beads, and embellishments. The material is designed such that it enhances the beauty of the person who wears it. Swiss lace and Swiss laces are famous materials of Africa that are traditionally worn by the people of the country with immense pride. Most of the designs have embroidery all over them, along with different prints and patterns. The material can be customized according to the way the person who would be wearing it wants it.
      • High Class Swiss Lace
      • Exclusive Designs
      • Limited Edition
      • Online Exclusive
      • Perfect for Special Occasions 
      • Soft, very durable, & long lasting Quality 
      • 5 Yards block
        Color: Blue, Purple, White
        Size: 20, 24
        Material: 100% Polyester


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